People I Am Praying for Right Now

Older People, Pregnant People, Lonely People—All People

Sarah Condon / 3.11.20

  • A pregnant friend who had to cancel her trip to Disney World.
  • My asthmatic dad.
  • All of the older people who are coming to church.
  • All of the older people who are not coming to church.
  • Children in the third ward of Houston who depend on school for food.
  • Their parents.
  • Anyone making decisions about whether or not to close schools.
  • Everyone in our city who just has allergies but believes that their spouse in a bathrobe might be the grim reaper.
  • The grim reaper. This is a tough season for her.
  • Teenagers who are in love. We need that kind of madness and hope right now. Keep it up, kids.

(c) Bob Eckstein:

  • The young woman who took a job at CVS to get herself through college. And now gets yelled at about the lack of Purell. Hourly.
  • My Asian doctor who told me how racist people have been to her.
  • Lonely people.
  • People who wanted to spend less time on social media and now are spending three times as much time on social media.
  • Flight attendants.
  • Anyone with OCD.
  • People who have recently been told they only have months left to live. I pray that they can take advantage of cheap cruises. Seriously.
  • People who are really scared.
  • People who feel the need to be critical of people who are scared.
  • Myself. That I can remember that God so loved the world that He gave us Jesus. And that He did not come to condemn the world but that He came to save it. He said so Himself.


14 responses to “People I Am Praying for Right Now”

  1. Maylannee says:


  2. Lauren says:

    Amen! Thank you, Sarah.

  3. Kristin says:

    Thank you for praying for me.

  4. Don Conger says:

    A little perspective always helps. Thank you, Sarah!

  5. Chris Dalton says:

    Sarah, you mostly make me cry. Mostly. And I’ll always love you for it.

  6. Sarah Gates says:

    Thanks 🙂

  7. amanda says:


  8. Person I’m praying for right now:

    – Sarah Condon – all of that praying sounds exhausting!

  9. John Glover says:

    Amen! Gracious words and prayers

  10. Pierre says:

    Thank you for praying for me, too

  11. Thank you, puts lots in perspective…

  12. Dawn says:

    God so loved the world. , so let’s not kill his creation!

  13. Wanda says:


  14. Wendy says:

    Love it! Thank you Sarah!

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