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Before Christ

Remember “Anno Domini” (AKA “in the year of the Lord”)? Good old “AD,” the flip side of “BC” (“before Christ”). Marking years based on a point in time makes sense if you care about history. And we are at the verge of one of the most conspicuous dates in world consequence since VJ (Victory In […]

Before and After the Sun: God’s Eternal Light

From the Beginning to the Middle to the End of Creation, God is the Source of all Light

Confessions From Social Media’s Dr. Frankenstein

On The Social Dilemma and the Endless Struggle to Think Well of Ourselves

Google’s Search to Know Me: Social Media Algorithms and Being Known by God

“You Search Out My Path And My Lying Down And Are Acquainted With All My Ways.”

The Gospel of Amazon Prime

The Hunt for that Perfect Item at the Lowest Price has Become an Online Game of Conquest and Mastery

When Revenge Turns into Forgiveness in The Last of Us

What the Game Has Done is to Equally Show the Fault Line of Sin that Runs through Everyone

A Pandemic of Shame: Seeking Refuge From Online Anger

“How Much More Grievous are the Consequences of Anger than the Causes of It.”

Social Media and Choosing Your Own Narrative

Does Anyone Hear the Pangs of Identity-Seeking Underneath all that Noise?

Pick up the Phone, It’s Your Long-Lost Friend Jeanette with an Urgent Message about Your Terrible Relationship with Social Media

“Your Relationship with Social Media Sucks. First of All, My Dear, He is a Liar.”

Come Get Your Manna: Feasting on the Mysteries of God’s Justice

Fleming Rutledge and Quantum Physics on a Verb-Like World

Lay Down Your Weary Smartphone

The Surprisingly Tragic Death of the Know-It-All

Curiosity in Science — and Faith

Elaine Howard Ecklund on Virtues that Should be Shared by Laboratories and Churches