I had the pleasure of hearing Bp. Fitz Allison deliver a home run of a sermon on All Saints Day this past week at my church here in the lowcountry of South Carolina (St. John’s Parish, Johns Island). When I sat down in the pew and noticed the appointed readings for the day, I wondered how in world was Bp. Allison going to handle such pointed texts, and I wondered if he was going to tone down his approach. What he delivered from the pulpit was a pure gem and a true testimony to the Gospel message – leaving no stop unpulled!

The lessons he preached from were Deuteronomy 6.1-9, Hebrews 7.23-28, Mark 12.28-34, and Psalm 119.1-8. If you glance through the readings, you will find that the common theme that runs through these lessons pertains to the Law.

Bp. C. FitzSimons Allison is XII Bishop of The Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina (retired), a well known Anglican author and scholar, and is a friend of Mockingbird. Among his works are The Rise of Moralism: The Proclamation of the Gospel from Hooker to Baxter; The Cruelty of Heresy: An Affirmation of Christian Orthodoxy; Guilt, Anger, and God: The Patterns of Our Discontents; and Fear, Love, and Worship.

Enjoy the good Bishop’s strong Southern accent as he preaches on how sinners become saints.

Bp. Allison’s sermon can be downloaded here and listened to here: