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Take Heed! (A sermon from Frank Limehouse)

I have the privilege of leading a little “book club” at Holy Cross, Sullivan’s Island.  A few weeks ago we began reading/studying Gerhard Forde’s juggernaut “On Being a Theologian of the Cross”, a book that cannot be recommended highly enough. In trying to elucidate/introduce people to the theology of the cross (as opposed to a […]

Fern Seed and Elephants

Fitz Allison suggested at the recent Mockingbird conference that we take a look at an essay by C.S. Lewis called “Fern Seed and Elephants.” It was in the context of Fitz talking about how to read the Bible — and how it makes a big difference, as it does when you are falling in love, […]

Weds Morning Rock N Roll: Brian Wilson’s "Midnight’s Another Day"

I missed my chance to post this on Good Friday, but as Fitz Allison says, “every day around here is Good Friday!” This is Brian’s unbelievably touching and powerful song from the otherwise lackluster “That Lucky Old Sun” record. Many people thought he didn’t have a song of this quality in him anymore. It not […]

Do You Feel Lucky? Imputation and "The Cooler"

The word “imputation” is the best attempt to translate into English a Greek word that means things like “regard,” or “attribute,” or “accredit,” or “credit.” In a nutshell, it boils down to something like “the treatment of something as having attributes that it does not intrinsically have.” Simple, right? At the recent Mockingbird conference, C. […]

How Sinners Become Saints – Bp. FitzSimons Allison

I had the pleasure of hearing Bp. Fitz Allison deliver a home run of a sermon on All Saints Day this past week at my church here in the lowcountry of South Carolina (St. John’s Parish, Johns Island). When I sat down in the pew and noticed the appointed readings for the day, I wondered […]