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Hopelessly Devoted: First Kings Chapter Nineteen Verses Four through Seven

Reading from this morning’s daily office reference in The Mockingbird Devotional. It comes from Simeon Zahl. But [Elijah] went a day’s journey into the wilderness and came and sat down under a broom tree. And he asked that he might die, saying, “It is enough; now, O LORD, take away my life, for I am […]

Hopelessly Devoted: Acts Chapter Eight Verses Twenty Two through Twenty Four

Alright, devoted. This morning’s reading comes from The Mockingbird Devotional, following the “Daily Office Lectionary Guide,” a resource you’ll find in the index of the book that matches each of our devotions to the church calendar. Following this puts us here for this Monday, at Acts 8, with Maestro Simeon Zahl. As a general reminder, […]

I Can’t Fight This Feeling: The Problem of Emotion in Protestant Christianity – Simeon Zahl

Slightly re-titled but no less, er, plausible (or awesome):

You may download the recording of this talk by clicking here.

2013 NYC Conference Recordings: Good News That Never Gets Old

Another heartfelt thank-you to everyone who helped put on this year’s Mockingbird Conference in NYC, especially our friends at Calvary St. George’s Church. It’s a good thing most of the presentations below have to do with grace, as the very thought of trying to top it is incredibly scary…! Speaking of freebies, though, we are […]

Emotional Protestants, Gracious Storytelling, Stressed-Out Athletes, Young Kierkegaardians, Antinomian Unicorns, and Church Basement Addictions

We asked those who are giving “mini-talks” this Friday (4/19) at our 6th Annual Mockingbird NYC Conference to provide short teasers of what they’ll be speaking about, and they did not disappoint! If you’re looking six and a half more reasons to cancel what you have going on this weekend (or six and a half […]

Clowntime Is Over: Decreased Play Equals Increased Anxiety

Wowza! The Atlantic followed up their recent opus on overparenting-induced anxiety with a report on how decreased playtime is affecting children’s emotional health, “All Work and No Play: Why Your Kids Are More Anxious, Depressed.” It’s sobering, to say the least. There’s not a whole lot to say on the issue that SZ didn’t make […]

When You Encounter the Spirit (You May Not Like It)

I’ve been fortunate enough to get my hands on a copy of Simeon Zahl’s Pneumatology and Theology of the Cross in the Preaching of Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt: The Holy Spirit Between Wittenberg and Azusa Street. He has some truly trenchant things to say about the work of the Holy Spirit and its relationship to preaching. […]

Another Week Ends: Forsaking Simeon, The Donald, more Ayn Rand, Text Etiquette, Mel Gibson, Underage Drinking, Parenthood and Batman

Quick Site Update: The mobile version is officially ready! If you’re on an iPhone/iPad (or similar smartphone), simply empty your cache, visit the site and you will be prompted to load the site as its own app. Enjoy! 1. In the mockingcup-runneth-over department, Conference speaker Mark Galli provides a stunning Holy Week meditation in Christianity […]

Melanchton on the Usefulness of Fables

Excerpts from Philipp Melanchthon’s short treatise (1526 or so) ‘On the Usefulness of Fables’: ‘There is altogether nothing more beautiful and pleasant than the truth, but it is too far removed from the sight and eyes of men for it to be beheld and known fortuitously. The minds of children need to be guided and […]

In a Form Which Is Strange to Us

‘Thus we must be very much on our guard that we do not sometime become set in our minds, that we do not resist Christ and refuse to believe in Him, not realizing when, where, how, and through whom He is speaking to us. And almost always it is the case that He speaks to […]

Freezing Repetitions and the Spirit of Play in Thornton Wilder’s Theophilus North

A number of people have asked about the quotes from Thornton Wilder’s novel Theophilus North that I used in my talk at the 2009 Mockingbird Conference in New York [embedded at the bottom of the post]. The first comes at the end of the chapter ‘Diana Bell’, in which a woman who is trying to […]

You Gave Me A Mountain – Elvis in Hawaii

Characteristically rousing version of one of The King’s most (ridiculously) cruciform songs. Talk about the “old Adam” dying a slow death! How I wish Elvis could have heard Simeon Zahl’s “Experiencing The Spirit In Failure And In Love” talk from last weekend’s conference… Or at least yours truly’s dead-serious “Mockingbird = Elvis Presley” opening gambit. But hey, that Ronnie Tutt sure can drum!

Another Week Ends returns next week. But not before the conference talks are posted. I promise.

p.s. Anyone else notice that Elvis’ “American Trilogy” plays during the climatic scene of Kick-Ass?! Very gratifying.