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    The Pandemic and the Coffee Shop: What We Learn in Chaos

    Things are getting gnarly and wild. Owning and operating a small coffee shop during this coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is incredibly stressful and anxiety-inducing. Schools around the nation are cancelling classes and opting for online classrooms. Many organizations are cancelling conferences. Small churches are getting kicked out of the high school auditoriums they meet in. Even […]

    Whispers of Grace in the Violence of Parasite

    Spoilers ahead. If you have not seen Parasite — go watch the film first! As we entered the 2020 awards season, Bong Joon-Ho’s 2019 international dark comedy Parasite took the world by storm. To the director’s own surprise, Parasite snagged not just the Oscars’ Best Picture award but three awards in addition to that — Best […]

    The Quiet Dances and Grace in Jojo Rabbit

    Loud and rambunctious: a couple words that might describe the trailer for Taika Waititi’s satirical new film Jojo Rabbit. We might also add to those: crass, audacious, daring. After the release of Joker a couple weeks prior, the world needed a film that would be a little more light-hearted and encouraging. This is where I […]

    Why So Downcast, O, My Arthur Fleck?

    When the first trailer for the Joker was released online, it seemed as though a swath of the nation was experiencing a mass hysteria for what was to be shown in theaters. I was among one of those who were eager and fascinated to see the character study that writer and director Todd Phillips had […]

    Sharing Hospital Joy and Misery

    I often find myself in the humor and satire section of The New Yorker. I absolutely love a good laugh and am usually labelled as the troll in one of my circles of friends. However, as I was perusing, I ran across a piece that was delivered as a commencement address earlier this month at […]