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When Grief Makes You the Villain: Last Week on WandaVision

My Own Take on the Show: The Unexpected Tears Rolling Down My Cheeks after the Finale

The Top Theology Books of 2020

Paul and the Power of Grace, Reading While Black, and more!

Another Week Ends: A Darth Vader Nativity, Holiday Blues, Christmas Hope, the Star of the Magi, & the Parable of a Dirty Sock

1. Every year, the Vatican erects a different nativity scene in St. Peter’s Square. They’re kind of a big deal. Past displays have been politically themed, while others were more traditionally beautiful. But the chosen scene this year is causing quite the stir. Including a fire extinguisher, ring-wraith figurine, and an astronaut helmet, the New […]

Another Week Ends: Martin Luther’s Emails, Resilient Kids, Fresh Starts, Popped Pandemic Bubbles, and Joy with Parkinson’s

1. Every now and then, you get to start the weekender out with the humor section. This week’s gem from the New Yorker, “Martin Luther’s Ninety-five Theses, as E-mailed by Your Passive-Aggressive Co-Worker,” stole the show: FROM: TO: All Vatican Staff Subject: A Quick Note Not to be that guy, and most of this […]

The Power of Love: Grace in Augustinian Perspective

How Can Grace Be Both “Incongruous” and “Efficacious”? It Involves Desire.

Law, Gospel, and “Cruel Optimism”: An Excerpt from The Holy Spirit and Christian Experience

Simeon Zahl on Bodies, Emotion, and Problematic Attachments

New Book Release! The Holy Spirit and Christian Experience, by Simeon Zahl

On How Not to “Eclipse the Spirit from Our Theology”

Bottoming Out on Prediction Addiction

The Illusion of Control: It Could be This Way Or That Way

The Pandemic and the Coffee Shop

What We Learn in Chaos

Hiding in Plain Sight: The Lost Doctrine of Sin

An immense honor to put this up for online reading. This essay from Dr. Simeon Zahl was originally given at the NYC Conference in 2016 and was republished in written form in our most recent issue of the magazine, The Déjà Vu Issue. To order one for your favorite sinner, go here. And if you […]

The Future of Protestant Theology with Dr. Simeon Zahl

Very pleased to share following lecture on the future of Protestant theology. Delivered this past Monday, November 27th, by Dr. Simeon Zahl (University of Nottingham), it was the inaugural event of the Aberdeen Centre for Protestant Theology at King’s College, University of Aberdeen. Enjoy!

Four Points About Martin Luther on 31 October 2017

Prof. Simeon Zahl weighs in: I’ve spent so much of the past ten years reading, thinking with, and writing about Martin Luther’s theology, and teaching his thought at three universities. But I confess at this point I have very little interest in the idea of Luther, or in hagiography, or in his specific denominational legacy, […]