The Cure of Souls: Theory of Change in Christian Ministry

The core engine of human change is not our will, but our heart.

Mockingbird / 5.19.22

An outstanding talk at the recent NYC Conference from Dr. Simeon Zahl, professor of theology at Cambridge University, which outlines a theoretical framework for a lot of what we do here at Mockingbird.

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3 responses to “The Cure of Souls: Theory of Change in Christian Ministry”

  1. Mary Ellen Tharp says:

    Encouraging word!

  2. […] be misleading” and are therefore an unreliable guide. But, like Simeon Zahl expressed at the NYC Conference, “The way you change a person is by getting through, not to their head, or to their will, but to […]

  3. […] “The Cure of Souls,” by Simeon Zahl […]

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