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The Relief of Comedy

This delightful post comes from Ben Fort: Back in September, a sermon went viral. A British pastor was praised for a grace-filled rebuttal to the burdensome false teachings found in the video of a fellow clergyman. This kind of interaction isn’t surprising to anyone on Christian Twitter, except the debate wasn’t about the Trinity or […]

The Weight of Advent: Speak What You Feel, Not What You Ought to Say

As Black Friday reaches further back in time each year, so as to even colonize the twilight hours of Thanksgiving Day, we in North America are no strangers to the porousness of time. Commercial interests can collapse chronology such that two times can overlap in a way purely linear calendar time can’t countenance; we can […]

Shut Up and Dance With Me: Relief in a World of Noise – Sarah Condon

If you’re sleepwalking into your Tuesday, this is exactly what you need. Here’s our first video from the New York Conference, from the Mexican Crackerbarrel herself.

Shut Up And Dance With Me: Relief in a World of Noise – Sarah Condon from Mockingbird on Vimeo.