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The Gospel According to Hoosiers, Part 2: Hickory’s Leper and the Love that Takes No Account

In part 1, we touched on the moment where Coach Dale experienced grace from i-dotting and t-crossing extraordinaire, Ms. Myra Fleener. This installment will focus on another unlikely, yet incredibly encouraging relationship in the classic 1986 film. The town of Hickory has a town drunk and his name is “Shooter” Flatch, who is also one […]

That’s What Christmas Is All About, Charlie Brown: Law and Gospel According to Peanuts, Pt. 2

Christmas is fast approaching, so I find myself thinking about the very first—and arguably most famous—of the Peanuts‘ television specials: A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965), which is already airing on ABC and is available to stream on Hulu. Frankly, this post is long overdue: I have intended to write more about Charles Schulz’s Peanuts and its relationship to the theological […]

My Lunch at Subway with an Angry George Michael

This short memoir comes from our friend Curt Benham. I was minding my own business this weekend eating a sandwich with a friend when George Michael sucker-punched me in the face. I hadn’t heard the song “Everything She Wants” by Wham! in probably 15 years when it came on the “house mix” at Subway. Two […]

Kierkegaard on Erotic Love, Divine Sorrow and True Imputation

We’re embarking on one of Kierkegaard’s bizarre thought-experiments here, on the love of God in Christ. It’s anthropomorphic, it’s controversial, and it’s all possibly a crock of you-know-what…but it’s deeply moving and, to this blogger’s mind, it brings out some brilliant aspects of God’s love and imputation’s reality. God’s eternal motive with regard to man […]

On the (Im)Possibility of Human Imputation

“Imputation” is a theological word that can be defined as something like “the act of regarding something or someone as having qualities that it or they do not naturally possess.” Imputation is HUGELY important in Christian theology; it is no exaggeration to say that its importance cannot be overstated. For sinners such as us to […]

Mockingbird at the Movies: Take Shelter from Thyself

Premonition Take Shelter at   Premonitions of a storm coming, a storm that turns your loved ones into something they are not–strangers dangerous, poisoned, violent. The storm comes and things are taken–the life you’ve known is under alarming arrest–and your power to resist it is futile. The storm stands in your window and stares […]

Coal: The Power of Imputation

A couple of weeks ago, the Wizard of Netflix recommended the Spike TV (home of all things faux-masculine) reality series Coal. It seemed riveting because it followed two shifts of coal miners down where it is “dark as a dungeon” (Merle Travis)… and it was. I was unprepared, however, for the explosion of Gospel insight. […]

The Route 29 Batman: A Case of Imputed Righteousness

Perhaps you’ve seen the recent viral images on Facebook and the like of Batman being pulled over on Route 29 in Silver Spring, Maryland for having no tags. The images made me laugh, but I didn’t think much of it until my wife sent me an article published earlier this week in The Washington Post […]

Artificial Intelligence, Imputation and the Desperate Need to be Heard

In 1966, MIT computer science professor Josef Weisenbaum wrote a very simple computer program named ELIZA. ELIZA was designed to mimic an empathetic psychologist, mirroring back key words to users in the form of questions, encouraging them to go deeper with their emotions. For example, if the user mentioned, in passing, that they were feeling […]

The Promotion You Need But Can’t Get: The Longing to “Fail Up”

The Atlantic is throwing around a new term for the McConaugheys, Kutchers, Kiffins in all of us. “Failing Up” is the phenomenon in high-risk, high-dividend vocations (movies, professional sports, even investment banking) where a history of mediocrity actually, sometimes, pays off. As opposed to traditional mythologies of progress that tie improved paychecks to improving performance, […]

The Hideous Beloved: A Short Meditation on Beauty and the Beast

This reflection comes from Mockingbird friend Michael Belote. My family recently returned from a trip to Disneyworld. While we were at Animal Kingdom, we attended (mostly for my wife’s sake) a stage performance of Beauty and the Beast. Believe it or not, I had never actually seen or read the entire story. I knew from […]

Justification, Imputation and Self-Esteem

So how does the doctrine of justification by faith relate to self-esteem? The key linking concept is that of righteousness. For the Christian, it may be helpful to think of positive self-esteem as a psychological sign of having comprehended that one is counted as right with God, and thus with oneself. Earlier, we noted a […]