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Grace in Practice

Thou Shalt Be Needed but Never Needy: Sad Clowns, Lonely Husbands, and COVID Friendships

Middle Age is Not the Time of Maximum Mastery. It is the Time of Maximum Need.

“Can I Ever Be Forgiven?” On the Radical Unity of Sinners

“If I Take Everything Good in My Life and Burn It to the Ground, Where Can I Turn?”

Advent in the Time of Corona

Advent is a pretty weird time. While we’re all listening to jingle bells, putting up lights around the house, and buying gifts for everyone, Advent speaks of a crazy-man prophet and the end of the world. Usually the gloom of hellfire feels out of place with the non-stop Mariah Carey we cannot avoid. But this year, the end of the world doesn’t sound all that crazy. Cause, you know … COVID.

So who’s up for hearing some good news?

Over the next few weeks, Mockingbird is releasing a series of devotional videos from a variety of contributors to brighten the darkness just a bit. Full of all the joy, insight, warmth, and grace we all need right now, they can be found on our Facebook and Instagram accounts!

DZ kicked off the series yesterday with his phenomenal sermon, “Can’t Hardly Wait.”

God’s Hands Across America

Had We Found the Threshold at Which Love Stops?

The Power of Love: Grace in Augustinian Perspective

How Can Grace Be Both “Incongruous” and “Efficacious”? It Involves Desire.

The Bondage of My Inbox

“Have You ever Considered just Selecting All of the Unread Emails and Marking Them as Read?”

How Dirty Dancing with Jesus Can Set You Free

The Idea of Having an Empty Camp for the Summer was Almost too much to Bear

When the Solution is to Listen: The Timely Reminder of Helena Dea Bala’s Craigslist Confessional

“People Needed to Talk. … They Needed to Get Things off their Chests. Truly, to Vent.”

What is Grace? Defining the One Word Everyone Needs to Know

On John Barclay’s landmark book, Paul and the Gift

Eff-up Nights: Breaking the Power of Failure and Shame

“Americans Play to Win All the Time. I Wouldn’t Give a Hoot in Hell for a Man who Lost and Laughed.”

Don’t Overthink It: The Gospel We All Need

People Need a Gospel that Restores Them, not a Demand that Gives Them Stuff to Do, but More Sweetly

Elevator Encounters

Perhaps God Chose Us to Be the Ones to Face the Rage Because We Know that We Do Not Face it Alone