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Grace in Practice

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On John Barclay’s landmark book, Paul and the Gift

Eff-up Nights: Breaking the Power of Failure and Shame

“Americans Play to Win All the Time. I Wouldn’t Give a Hoot in Hell for a Man who Lost and Laughed.”

Don’t Overthink It: The Gospel We All Need

People Need a Gospel that Restores Them, not a Demand that Gives Them Stuff to Do, but More Sweetly

Elevator Encounters

Perhaps God Chose Us to Be the Ones to Face the Rage Because We Know that We Do Not Face it Alone

Learning to Love the Job I Can’t Get

“Rest Proves Intolerable Because of the Boredom It Produces”

Robert Farrar Capon on Self-Knowledge and Atonement

“By the Deadness of His Human Mind and Ours, We Are Literally Absolved”

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The Karate Kid, All Grown Up

Running with Scissors: On Polarization and God’s Love for Sinners

On Science Fiction, Politics, and Compassion

The Tragic Symmetry of Star Wars and the Grace of Failure

“The Greatest Teacher, Failure Is.”

Exorcising Regrets By Divine Amnesia

We Might Never Forget Our Sins, but God Does

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On Getting Older, Knee Replacements, and Identity beyond Basketball

Forty-Eight Years After John Lewis Was Attacked

On the “Quiet Insistence to Do What is Right”