A recent discovery from the bottomless well that is the original Wilson brothers, this video touches on many of the themes that we like to explore on this blog: strength in weakness, broken vessels, singing “that same song” (you know the one…) over and over, awesome rock n roll, sweet outfits, etc. They really say it all:

Gregorian chants were a real big thing!

Quick note for all you newcomers out there: Part of the inspiration behind our name comes from the peculiar behavior of the mimus polyglottus itself. As you probably know, the mockingbird gets its name from its ability to mimic the calls of other birds, i.e. to repeat what it has heard, a la Michael Scott in that classic episode of The Office. In a similar though hopefully much less annoying way, Mockingbird seeks to repeat the message it has heard (one articulated particularly well here). Or at the very least, to connect the core concerns of that message with the realities of everyday life, the two being one and the same after all. So we are always on the lookout for fresh and creative expressions of “that same (old) song”, new avenues for the message of God’s grace and forgiveness to break into our busy lives and well-defended hearts. All this is grounded, of course, in the belief that people do not move beyond their need to hear the Gospel, regardless of where they are in their life or faith. Brian Wilson being a particularly profound case in point.

For further reflection on the spiritual and theological depth of The Beach Boys, a sermon preached by yours truly in March 2011: