Stephen Tyng on Pardon, Preaching, and Unchangeable Acceptance

After being in the ministry for 50 years, The Rev. Dr. Stephen Tyng (who, from […]

Jacob / 11.7.14

After being in the ministry for 50 years, The Rev. Dr. Stephen Tyng (who, from 1845-1878, was rector of St. George’s Episcopal Church, where we hold our annual NYC Conference) was asked to deliver a series of lectures to the School of Theology in Boston University entitled “The Christian Pastor.” This particular quote comes from his lecture on the topic of preaching. He never intended to have them published, but evidently the students were so blown away by the whole presentation that they insisted the talks be made available. It’s always reminded me of the mission of Mockingbird:

cdv-59This is your message to each, to all to whom you are sent. It is “the old, old, story,” yet it is always new, always living, and by God’s Holy Spirit always to be made effectual. Wherever we go, we have the same great and gracious message committed to us; and we “are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, the power of God unto salvation to every one who believeth.” We love to tell this precious story–over, over, and over again–every house, at every bedside of sickness; in every chamber of sorrow; to every anxious, burdened heart, in the midst of every afflicted household, to every waiting sinner like ourselves, wherever we may find him.

We are never wearied with proclaiming this gracious message from God. We love to repeat this effective intelligence of pardon for the chief of sinners, through the atoning blood of an Almighty Savior. We feel its blessedness; we know its power; we delight to meditate upon it, and we do not fear nor hesitate to proclaim it freely, whether men will hear or whether they will forbear. In this great work, to which the Lord has been pleased to call us, we desire to set him always before us; and to see Jesus only, clothed with glory and honor.

Wherever you are, tell your precious tidings to someone. The message of that which God has done is the offer of that which man may have. Complete forgiveness in a Savior’s death; everlasting cleansing in the power of a Savior’s precious blood; unchangeable acceptance with God in a Savior’s perfect obedience for man; eternal life, the gracious gift of God in him.