In preparing for last night’s Mockingbird Hour, I came across this clip from Spiderman 2, which is 100% the Gospel, and movingly so. In all honesty, I can’t watch it with out tearing up.

To give a bit of context, it comes from the very end of the movie (and is thus, by definition, a **SPOILER** if you’ve never seen Spiderman 2), when Peter Parker has given up all hope of being happy and/or loved and resigned himself to his lawful, lonely duty as a Superhero (aka pastor:).

To get the full effect, I encourage you to watch the clip full screen, with headphones, imagining that you are Peter (Tobey Maguire) and MaryJane (Kirsten Dunst) is Jesus. This five minute clip has much to say about, among other things, sovereignty, sin, salvation, freedom, and, at the very end (do you see it?), the excruciating cost of Jesus’ love. But forget all that and just let the grace wash over you.

I hope this makes your day as it did mine!

p.s. I know of no other movie that surpasses Spiderman 2 in terms of Law/Gospel insight and proclamation. As you watch it, think about Peter’s relationships with Uncle Ben, MJ and himself and much will be revealed. Enjoy!