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This American Life: Letter-Day Saint

An incredible segment in this past week’s This American Life podcast, “The Parent Trap”, which comes to us via Mbird reader David Gaston. It is the story of a young woman, Rebecca Gee, whose mother, before dying of cancer, wrote letters to her daughter to be opened on each birthday (beginning with her 17th). In […]

NetFlixPicks (vol 1)

Subscribing to Netflix, a mail-order movie rental service, also entitles you to unlimited online viewing (with Mac, PC, PS3, Xbox and, coming, soon, Wii) of a fairly wide selection (thousands) of movies and television shows. From time to time, I will offer my picks of the best of online streaming. Just to put this into […]

Top 10 things on my iPod Touch

As the year comes to a close, I’ll be the first to kick-off the obligatory ‘Top 10’ lists with the Top 10 things on my iPod Touch. (Yes, I needed to indicate that it is a ‘Touch’ simply because other models cannot download apps). They are, in no particular order… 1. Daily Audio Bible (podcast): […]

This American Christianity – "Bait and Switch"

“Our goal is to save souls and make money for the church” Ira Glass’ much-acclaimed NPR radio show This American Life continues to be an unparalleled source of great sermon illustrations. Episode #213 “Devil On My Shoulder”, which was re-aired just before Halloween this year, provides a devastating look at the human heart and our […]

Deeply Moving Clip from Spiderman 2

In preparing for last night’s Mockingbird Hour, I came across this clip from Spiderman 2, which is 100% the Gospel, and movingly so. In all honesty, I can’t watch it with out tearing up. To give a bit of context, it comes from the very end of the movie (and is thus, by definition, a […]