Jesus, Nietzsche & Me – Tim Kreider

You may be surprised to hear we’ve gotten more positive feedback on Tim’s talk than […]

Mockingbird / 7.2.14

You may be surprised to hear we’ve gotten more positive feedback on Tim’s talk than almost any other. We unfortunately weren’t able to include the slides from the powerpoint, so a few jokes may lack punchlines (apologies!). Needless to say, he took us out of our comfort zone in a very engaging way.

Jesus, Nietzsche & Me ~ Tim Kreider from Mockingbird on Vimeo.

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3 responses to “Jesus, Nietzsche & Me – Tim Kreider”

  1. TJ Campo says:

    So…there were moments when I found myself sort of judging this speaker as someone impressed with his own cleverness. He did strike me as being clever and I was impressed. At other moments I felt for him in some ways. When his talk was over, and he related the closing anecdote about the little girl and the speaker’s uncomfortable (but apparently humble and what?…compassionate?…surprising?…believing?) response, I almost burst into tears. Is the Western world without a myth? Are we due for more world wars?

  2. DB says:

    TJ, I completely agree, at first, judging, then appreciating his wit. But ultimately the longer he talked, the longing for the one who created him. I venture to say this interaction had a more profound affect on Tim than it did his audience. I say that knowing he poured over his lecture notes many times wading into the waters of his childhood, contemplating those things which most people just suppress.

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