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There Are No Wolves on Wall Street: On Slowly Losing Ourselves

We Muddle into our Personal and Collective Messes a Little Bit at a Time.

Another Week Ends: Wealth Addiction, Bieber/Britney Compassion, Friends Generation, True Detective, Grand Theft Auto, Better Praise and Conference Calls

1. This one really deserves a post of its own. So much writing about Wall Street greed has the air of jealousy and pettiness around it. Nothing’s an easier target or more convenient prop for self-righteousness than a corporate cog (i.e. “I may not be swimming in it, but at least I believe in something–at […]

"Cathedral" Part One: An Alien Logic (Or "He Was No One I Knew")

For anybody who hasn’t read it, “Cathedral” (1982) is probably Raymond Carver’s most famous short story, and provides an endearing picture of what could be called a modern-day, suburban visitation from the upside-down world of grace. It begins, though, through the narrator’s lovable perspective, with the blatant understandability of such a thing to feel, well, […]

What’s Up, Tiger Mom?

There have been a number of developments in the Amy Chua Chinese-Mother saga since the excerpt of her book appeared in The Wall Street Journal last week. She seems to have struck a major nerve, from which she attempted to back-pedal in both The Journal and The Times this week, albeit pretty unconvincingly. Chua takes […]

Mindfulness Therapy and The Quicksand of Internal Judgment

Fantastic article in today’s Wall Street Journal about the new “wave” of cognitive-behavioral therapy known as mindfulness. Its understanding of the counterproductive power of (internal) judgment is pretty darn eerie. Not only that, but as a school of thought, it appears to recognize the futility of information as a change agent, as well as the […]

Exclusion, Inclusion and Identity in The Social Network

An insightful piece by A.O. Scott over at The NY Times that touches on identity, self-worth and the failure of “works” to assuage the accusing voice of the Law – in this case, the inner critic/persecutor –  as seen through the lens of The Social Network and Wall Street 2. Enough to make one wonder […]

Parents Just Don’t Understand, or The Perennial Advice Crisis Strikes Again

A mildly interesting article in last week’s Wall Street Journal entitled “Want My Advice? Um, Not Really?” which touches tangentially on one of our favorite topics: the danger of telling people what to do. Or in theological terms, the Law being powerless to produce what it commands, or worse, producing the opposite, all the way […]

The Paradox of Power

A flat-out fascinating article from Jonah Lehrer (author of many such articles) from this past weekend’s Wall Street Journal about the nature of power. Some of us might contend that power simply reveals the natural state of man, etc, but regardless, there are some positively Beatitudinal forces at work here. I’ve heard about studies that […]

Son of Hamas Converted

A friend of mine sent me this article from the Wall Street Journal last week, after which I promptly ran out and bought Son of Hamas, the story of the life and conversion of Mosab Hassan Yousef, the child of one of the Islamic group’s founders. A few choice quotes from the article: “I converted […]

Boulder Colorado, Human Nature and the Law of Sustainability

From the Wall Street Journal, a fascinating look at the growing reaction to the Law of Sustainability – in Boulder CO of all places. I’m all for “going green” but this is pretty revealing about what’s really calling the shots re: personal decision-making. Apparently intentions and reality aren’t lining up exactly the way that officials […]

Wine Tasting, Vodka and Reason

Seeing the above bumper sticker in Washington DC this weekend, I was faced once again with the false dichotomy between religion and critical thought. Atheists, ‘positive thinkers’, and other ideologists like to believe that unlike religious people, they actually employ their immutable power of reason or thinking. But how effective are our powers of reason? […]

Chinese Weather and the War Between CONTROL and CHAOS

It was big news last summer, when through strategic “cloud-seeding” the Chinese were able to hold an Olympics without rain and Olympic marathoners were able to run without smog. This week, the “Beijing Weather Modification Office” has failed to control the weather on a major scale that has resulted in November snow across the typically […]