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I'm Emily. He's Alex. He's a pastor. I'm a stay at home mom and I love photographing life and sharing it on our blog. The Large Story.

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    “Give me love not a labyrinth!”

    The next in our series of posts featuring our favorite PZ quotes: Paul once said in a sermon: “Give me love not a labyrinth!” Prayer labyrinths are popular these days. But what we need is not a circuitous route to God, or a progressive journey closer to the divine. We need the direct and unmediated […]

    Boeing: It’s Not OK to be Honest

    I read an article in the paper today about the cracks in the fuselage of a Southwest Boeing 737 that occurred mid flight and resulted in an emergency landing.  OK, I actually just read 2 paragraphs of the article.  But one sentence stuck out: In trying to explain what went wrong, Boeing made the unusual move of publicly acknowledging […]

    Hoping For Superman

    An article in the Smithsonian Magazine described recent evidence regarding the 1918 Romanov royal family murders during the Bolshevik revolution. The story also related that there are actually many Russians today who (after 90 years of Communism and “Democracy”) want the Monarchy back. “The monarchy is a romantic idea,” says French historian Mireille Massip, an […]

    Casuistry, Business trips, Rationalization, and other Barriers to the Gospel

    A recent article from the WSJ described how Resorts and Hotels are dropping the word ‘resort’ from their names in order to attract business. As tolerance for corporate excess becomes less fashionable, companies want to ‘appear’ to be scaling back on business trips and conferences. This does not mean anything about the hotel or the […]

    Wine Tasting, Vodka and Reason

    Seeing the above bumper sticker in Washington DC this weekend, I was faced once again with the false dichotomy between religion and critical thought. Atheists, ‘positive thinkers’, and other ideologists like to believe that unlike religious people, they actually employ their immutable power of reason or thinking. But how effective are our powers of reason? […]

    Go to Church!

    As America tries to catch up with Europe in declining church attendance, some people are actually trying to figure out why no one likes religion anymore. This article from the Washington Post entitled A Faith for The Nones depicts the vast majority of 20-somethings (called “nones”) who are secular and religiously unaffiliated. Put off by […]

    Hannibal Lector on Why We Need To Be Killed Daily


    “We feel murderous things in our lives, and anyone who denies it is a liar. We’re taught as children to repress all that stuff: Don’t be greedy, don’t be angry. We bury the feelings alive, and they never die. I think when you project on screen an arch-villain, whether it’s Heath Ledger’s Joker or Hannibal Lecter, it gets something to respond in us. It’s making us acknowledge that we have those parts of ourselves.”

    – Anthony Hopkins in a recent Entertainment Weekly article.
    See Sean’s Paulson post below.

    Tony Dungy Loves You and Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life

    It is not often that ESPN articles bring me close to tears. But this one was an exception. Tony Dungy, coach of the Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts and the reviver of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers franchise, retired this January. The article reflected on what made this coach one of the most respected in the […]

    Crossing The Line

    I read an interesting article a week ago about a wealthy clubbin’ hemophiliac Episcopal priest (a particular area of interest for me). The article reported that this minister makes trips to New York City (where he also receives medical treatments) to frequent clubs where he spends tens of thousands of dollars on drinks and even […]