Boeing: It’s Not OK to be Honest

I read an article in the paper today about the cracks in the fuselage of […]

Alex And Emily / 4.6.11

I read an article in the paper today about the cracks in the fuselage of a Southwest Boeing 737 that occurred mid flight and resulted in an emergency landing.  OK, I actually just read 2 paragraphs of the article.  But one sentence stuck out:

In trying to explain what went wrong, Boeing made the unusual move of publicly acknowledging technical missteps.

The move was unusual because it’s not wise to admit failure or mistakes in the business world.  You just might get sued or cost your stockholders lots of money.  It was declared unusual to be honest.

Unfortunately the same is true in the church.  It’s actually not OK to admit marital problems, difficulty with your children, or any personal failures or shortcomings.  This is because people are used to being judged inside and outside of the church.  Jesus spent all his time with sinners and the self-righteous.  In the churches St. Paul wrote to, he was dealing with sinners with lots of problems.  The problems and crises of life are the rule not the exception.  The sooner we can admit defeat, the sooner we are a church of the comforting words of our savior:

Come unto me, all ye that travail and are heavy laden, and 
I will refresh you.    Matthew 11:28
This is a true saying, and worthy of all men to be received,
that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.
1 Timothy 1:15