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Boeing: It’s Not OK to be Honest

I read an article in the paper today about the cracks in the fuselage of a Southwest Boeing 737 that occurred mid flight and resulted in an emergency landing.  OK, I actually just read 2 paragraphs of the article.  But one sentence stuck out: In trying to explain what went wrong, Boeing made the unusual move of publicly acknowledging […]

“Wake me up inside…” (part 5c): Karl Barth’s Doctrine of Reconciliation (iv.1.58)

(iv.1.58.4 cont.) *There are three forms to Sin. 1. Sin negates the first form of grace of God: that “God gives Himself to us, He makes Himself responsible for our cause, He takes it into His own hand”. Sin transgresses the great first commandment: Love the Lord your God with all your soul, mind, body, […]

Mere Anglicanism 2011

The 2011 Mere Anglicanism conference this year is held in thanksgiving for the faithful witness of Bishop C. FitzSimons Allison to the Word of God’s Grace. It will be held at St. Philip’s Church in Charleston S.C. January 20-23. Some of Mockingbird’s favorite theologians will be speaking at the conference. Here is the Morning Prayer […]

“Wake me up inside…” (part 5a): Karl Barth’s Doctrine of Reconciliation (iv.1.58)

iv.1.58.4 Barth works out the threefold form of the Christological aspect of the doctrine of the reconciliation*. In and by Jesus, humanity is confronted with God. In Jesus, God—by becoming man—actively intervenes and takes up His cause—the covenant—“with and against and for man”. Jesus “is the authentic revealer of God as Himself God”. By Jesus […]

An Introduction to the Law and the Gospel – Sean Norris in Modern Reformation

The latest issue of Modern Reformation contains articles from not one but three Mockingbird Contributors: Jady Koch, Nick Lannon and Sean Norris. Well done, guys! If you’re not a subscriber, do yourself a favor – ModRef is one of the best theological magazines going. It manages to be accessible to the non-academic and engaged in […]

Two Rod Rosenbladt Quotes That Changed My Life

About seven years ago Dr. Rod Rosenbladt gave a series of talks at the Cathedral Church of the Advent in Birmingham, Alabama. It is not an understatement to say that the following two quotes from that event literally changed my life. I felt like I was given a clear picture of the Gospel for the […]

Kerouac, Tolstoy, and The Egyptian — Lenten Reflections

In Paul Zahl’s remarkable recent piece on the 1950s film The Egyptian, he puzzles over Jack Kerouac’s wild hatred of the film, especially as (PZ notes): “The title character, take away the toga, is [Kerouac] himself.” Perhaps the puzzle contains its own key? I defer to PZ here — since by far he’s our greatest […]

Puttin’ People on the Moon

Over Thanksgiving my wife and I strayed from the NYC metropolitan area, which meant one thing as far as she was concerned: country radio. Song after song oozed sentimentality for a red state existence, an American car, family, and of course, Christianity, or at least “good Christian values,” and I have to admit it felt […]

How Will You Keep Christmas This Year? (Part 2)

When considering the meaning of anything having to do with what we believe, it’s always a good idea to start with the Nicene Creed, which specifically addresses the subject of Christmas: For us and for our salvation, he came down from heaven: By the power of the Holy Spirit he became incarnate from the Virgin […]

Mockingbird at the Movies: ANTZ

The 1999 film ANTZ was Dreamworks’ entry into the computer animation market. They tried to get in on the market created by Pixar, but couldn’t equal the quality, neither of animation nor of storytelling. In any event, ANTZ is the story of Z (Woody Allen), a worker ant who isn’t happy with his lot in […]

Hope for Today

I’ve been thinking a lot about something that Steven Paulson said at the Mockingbird Conference a few weeks back. Referring to a correction that Martin Luther made to one of St. Augustine’s teachings, he said, “We don’t live where we love. We live where we hope.” The more I thought about it the more I […]