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The Ripped and the Righteous: The Gospel According to Jack LaLanne

Frank Bruni cooked up (!) quite the enlightening editorial in Saturday’s NY Times about the recently deceased fitness guru Jack LaLanne, tracing the ways LaLanne was responsible for turning exercise into a religion, the gym into a temple, etc. I’ll spare you a diatribe about the superficiality of “discipline” for discipline’s sake – Bruni says/implies […]

A Letter From The Board: Mockingbird, Charlottesville and R.E.M.

On June 1st, Mockingbird will be moving its headquarters from New York City to Charlottesville, Virginia. One of Mbird’s chief supporting parishes since day one, Christ Episcopal Church has graciously invited us to make our “nest” there, and we have accepted! You may remember that The Rev. Paul Walker, rector of Christ Church Charlottesville, was […]

Mockingbird Mini-Conference Details

This January 29th and 30th, please join Christ Church Parish and Mockingbird Ministries in Pensacola, Florida as we explore the theme, “God’s Grace in a World of Glory”. Together with our speakers Dr. Mark Mattes and David Zahl, we’ll delve into the theological and cultural underpinnings of how God’s forgiveness finds and transforms us even […]

Top Ten Lullaby Renditions: Rockabye Baby

Since many of the Mockingbird readers are musically savvy and top ten lists are no stranger to this blog, I thought this could be fun. My wife and I just had our first child in early January and she has received some pretty cool gear. I particularly like her “Jesus is My Homeboy” and KISS […]

Penn & Teller Are Atheists But…

“It’s the poooower of love!” (Huey Lewis and the News) And by that I don’t mean contrived love as per the Law which says “Hey. All you do is love the non-Christian.” I mean love as per the Gospel in which we see ourselves as prodigals in the midst of a famine of our own making but totally loved in Christ. That outlook can only be created by God (by the theology of the cross) and it spills out “unawares” to our fellow sufferers.