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What Steve Jobs Taught Me About Life and Death

Grateful for this one by Nicholas Davis. I made the decision to purchase an iPhone years ago because I already owned a MacBook and an iPad (why not have the whole system, right?). Steve Jobs invention has taught me much about life and death. As a whole, I’ve been pleased with how little effort it […]

What 1,792 Blogposts Taught Me About the Internet

Here’s one of our features from the Technology Issue, David Zahl’s state of the digital union from the particular vantage point of this website. To order this issue, either in electronic version or print, click here. The guy knew enough not to argue. He had clearly seen my kind before. The kind who approached the […]

Incurvatus In Se according to The New Yorker


“Our nature, by the corruption of the first sin being so deeply curved in on itself (incurvatus in se) that it not only bends the best gifts of God towards itself and enjoys them, as is plain in the works-righteous and hypocrites, or rather even uses God himself in order to attain these gifts, but it also fails to realize that it so wickedly, curvedly, and viciously seeks all things, even God, for its own sake.” —Martin Luther, Lectures on Romans

Do You Have the Death App?

Okay, for the record, this is not a joke. You may have thought it was enough to have moments of existential terror while off your mobile devices. Say, standing before a mighty ocean or amid a fall landscape. It can even happen while sitting at a stop light or getting off the elliptical–you know, those […]

Another Week Ends: Gucci Addictions, Narcissism Epidemics, DFW, Phone vs. Heart, PZ on Drones (on CNN), R. Crumb, Tale of Two Suedes, and Kung Fu Grandpa

1. The author of the original Friday Night Lights, Buzz Bissinger, dropped as offbeat and not-quite-repentant a tale of addiction on GQ this month as I have ever come across. A convergence of shopping and sex addiction rooted in Law-induced despair (never being able to measure up to initial success) and plain old powerlessness, the […]

Leaked (Official) iPhone 5 Promo

Dear Siri, Refuge of My Soul: Night-In Celebrities and Talking to Yourself

People seem not to care much for the new “Celebrity Having a Night In” Siri commercials, featuring Samuel L. Jackson making risotto, John Malkovich creepily creeping over Siri’s jokes, Zooey Deschanel not knowing if it’s raining outside. They’re all talking to Siri, Siri the Automated Personality, Siri the You Are Not Alone. Here’s what All […]

A Night to Marimba!

Commentary abounds! The NY Times has interviewed him, it was on CBS Nightly News, YouTube videos have been made to recreate the experience of Mahler’s Ninth Symphony overrun by the all-too-commercialed Marimba ringtone; it all seems to be a nose-snubbing witch hunt. Who hasn’t been here in some way, shape, form? The nameless “Patron X”–the […]

Neophilia: Why New Is Never Enough

NPR recently reviewed a writer who knows exactly why you continue to check Facebook every three minutes. The woman, Winifred Gallagher, has just written a book,  New: Understanding Our Need for Novelty and Change, about the human propensity for all things new. More than it just being a symptom of modern consumerism, more than it […]

4G, Make Me New! Planned Obsolescence and “Newness” of Life

You’ve seen the Best Buy “Buy Back” commercials, the unveiling of the newest editions of things consumers don’t have–and the stinging agony that accompanies being left behind, duped into buying into that which was built to die. It’s a clever marketing strategy, funny because it’s gesturing the truth of consumerism: both commenting on the psycho-social […]