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Gerhard Forde, Walter White and Aggressive vs. Passive Death (and Resurrection!)

This one comes to us from Mockingbird friend Jason Redcay: I’m in the middle of both reading Gerhard Forde’s Justification by Faith: A Matter of Death and Life and watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. It’s quite a combo. And it has me thinking about how addicted we are to our notions of free will and […]

Gerhard Forde on the Creative Love of God and the Great Reversal

A few choice excerpts from the closing section of Mbird cornerstone On Being a Theologian of the Cross: Reflections on Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation, 1518, pgs 105-115: Aristotle sets forth commonsense human wisdom about good works. What he says certainly seems meet, right and salutory. We learn to play the piano only by practicing, we learn […]

Bondage in Autonomy: Gerhard Forde on the Will

An excellent passage on the bound will by Gerhard Forde from his classic Where God Meets Man.  If we take Forde at face value, he seems to be suggesting more of a “binding” will and a “bound” sinner: “It is because we do not really know God that we must, in the second place, construct […]

A Lenten Reflection on the Isenheim Altarpiece

Matthias Grunewald’s crucifixion, one of the panels of the Isenheim altarpiece, was commissioned for the church hospital of St. Anthony in Colmar France, which specialized in comforting those dying with skin diseases. Grunewald kept the background of this powerful piece of religious art intentionally dark to highlight the horrific scene: especially Christ’s smashed feet, his […]

Death and Resurrection in Church Planting. And Life.

Here at Mockingbird we pride ourselves on being Theologians of the Cross. That is to say, we believe that God works, most often and most powerfully, through weakness and defeat, rather than in strength and victory. As Paul writes, recounting God’s answer to him in the midst of suffering: But He said to me, “My […]

Old and New Adams (and Andrews) in The Office

For the Love of Gerhard Forde (and The Cardigans)

From page 107 of his classic On Being a Theologian of the Cross, in reference to Thesis 26 of Martin Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation: “We see that the law simply cannot bring into being what it commands…The law says, ‘Thou shalt love!’ It is right; it is ‘holy, true, good’. Yet it can’t bring about what […]

The Liking-Wanting Distinction and Self-Esteem Addiction

Something of a follow-up to the semi-outrageous article about Chinese Tiger Mothers, the results of a couple recent studies at Ohio State concluding, surprise surprise, that “Young Adults Are Obsessed With Self-Esteem.” As it’s wisely been pointed out, the self-esteem movement is a losing game, regardless of how it’s played – human need is a […]

Double Rainbow Guy and Thesis 19 of the Heidelberg Disputation

Heidelberg Disputation: Thesis 19 –> That person does not deserve to be called a theologian who looks upon the invisible things of God as though they were clearly perceptible in those things that have actually happened (or have been made, created). Have you watched this hilarious ode to Pantheism: the double rainbow guy?  At a […]

Zombies and Existential Angst

I was recently wandering around on iTunes U (looking to expand my provincial horizons) and found this series of podcasts devoted to zombies in film. Can you guess what university this came from? You guessed it… The University of Alabama. Roll Tide! We might not be Ivy League but we know our zombies, by God. […]

Bound and Determined, Part Two: God on the Hook

Part two in our series: Bound and Determined to be Free. Although it will be argued that the notion of the bound will, the belief that human beings are fundamentally powerless before God, is a wholesome and comforting doctrine, like with the law and gospel, the diagnosis proceeds the cure. In this case, as much […]

Erasmus, Dallas Willard and the Renovation of the Gospel

This past week, I have been re-reading The Captivation of the Will, Gerhard Forde’s book on Luther’s debate with Erasmus, while (almost) simultaneously listening to a “Tough Questions” interview that took place at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church with Dallas Willard (ht CR). In doing so, I was reminded of the words of Ecclesiastes yet again, […]