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Forde Friday: On the Death of Self

I was thinking this week about how Christians tend to think about “dying to self”. Certainly there’s something to be said for the mortification of the flesh, fighting sin and all that. But what if Jesus’ call to lose your life in order to gain it was less of a call to selling all your […]

Forde Friday: The Prison of Free-Lunch-Think Versus The Gospel

Gerhard Forde, Justification by Faith: A Matter of Death and Life, pg. 24 The gospel of justification by faith is such a shocker, such an explosion, because it is an absolutely unconditional promise. It is not an “if-then” kind of statement, but “because-therefore” pronouncement: because Jesus died and rose, your sins are forgiven and you […]

Awake, 50/50 Hypocrisy, and Christian Progress

This piece comes from Mockingbird friend Jason Redcay. After I became a Christian, I still thought Christians were hypocrites. Like anyone, our standing before the Law reveals hypocrisies in spades. And yet a Christian is said to be sanctified, made good, holy, righteous… a saint when they are still so obviously, well, not. How can […]

The Cross As Moral Striving?

Bad PR dies hard. Somehow, the word got out that Christianity is about moral reform and our inner 2nd-grade, grumpy-pants teacher has been looking over our shoulders ever since. Despite the insistence of St. Paul, Luther, Calvin and a host of other Reformers, faithful laymen and preachers that we’re free in Christ, we’ve had a […]

Rotting Flowers, Barn Filth and the Grace of Two Little Kids Talking

I’ve been enjoying gettin’ a little funky (for a pasty white guy) with NPR’s Snap Judgment Radio Show – “Storytelling with a Beat”. Their recent episode on Absolution absolutely floored me. Host Glynn Washington told an autobiographical story that made for an incredible illustration of grace, of love begetting love. Glynn was born in Detroit […]

Forde Friday: In Defense of Daily Personal Drownings

Being hung up on personal spiritual progress is a problem. Why? Because it’s an indication that somehow, we are holding on to/out for some type of self-salvation project that needs to be drowned in order that we might be raised to new life. Says Forde on page 51 of Justification by Faith–A Matter Of Death […]

Forde Friday: Spiritual Progress = “Shut Up And Listen”!

Here’s another zinger about our misguided ideas of spiritual progress from our favorite late Lutheran Theologian, Gerhard Forde. For those that tend to get sucked into fruitless spiritual introspection (ahem, that would be me), let this be salve to your soul. This quote is from page 50 of Justification: A Matter of Death and Life. […]

Forde Friday: Glory vs Cross Part II

If you think the cross is only for the salvation of those with skid row type sin, think again. In fact, as we hear below, the cross attacks the very best of our religion! Here are two more stellar, polemical quotes from one of our fave Lutheran theologians, the late Gerhard Forde. Both of these […]

Forde Friday: Glory vs. Cross Part I

Superhuman theologies of human achievement and graceless religion are a drag. Then along comes Gerhard Forde and puts a finger on what we already know, but couldn’t quite articulate. Happy Forde Friday! Glory vs. Cross Part I Does anyone remember those awful (or at least incredibly cheesy) Christian T-shirts of the 80s and 90s? Budweiser […]

Forde Friday: The Law Making Matters Worse

Kicking off a new weekly feature highlighting the inspiring work of late Lutheran theologian and Mockinghero Gerhard Forde, here’s a memorable portion from one of our absolute favorite volumes, On Being a Theologian of the Cross. The following excerpt is part of his unpacking of the first thesis of Martin Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation (“The law […]

Gerhard Forde, Walter White and Aggressive vs. Passive Death (and Resurrection!)

This one comes to us from Mockingbird friend Jason Redcay: I’m in the middle of both reading Gerhard Forde’s Justification by Faith: A Matter of Death and Life and watching Breaking Bad on Netflix. It’s quite a combo. And it has me thinking about how addicted we are to our notions of free will and […]

Gerhard Forde on the Creative Love of God and the Great Reversal

A few choice excerpts from the closing section of Mbird cornerstone On Being a Theologian of the Cross: Reflections on Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation, 1518, pgs 105-115: Aristotle sets forth commonsense human wisdom about good works. What he says certainly seems meet, right and salutory. We learn to play the piano only by practicing, we learn […]