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The Law of Advent and the Gospel of Christmas

“Cheery and Bright Have Taken the Year Off.”

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Another Week Ends: A Darth Vader Nativity, Holiday Blues, Christmas Hope, the Star of the Magi, & the Parable of a Dirty Sock

1. Every year, the Vatican erects a different nativity scene in St. Peter’s Square. They’re kind of a big deal. Past displays have been politically themed, while others were more traditionally beautiful. But the chosen scene this year is causing quite the stir. Including a fire extinguisher, ring-wraith figurine, and an astronaut helmet, the New […]

Hey John! Why are You Baptizing Us?

John Was a Puzzle, and Officialdom Wanted to Know More about Him.

Stripping Away Everything but the Gospel: An Advent-Tinged Reflection on Springsteen’s Darkness on the Edge of Town

Nine Months of Waiting and “Getting Ready for Christmas Day”

Another Week Ends: COVID Travel, Library Life Lessons, Celebrity Downfalls, Satan Claws, Advent, and evermore

1. Late in November, I had to stop watching the news. (As if it had been so beneficial prior to that.) But more than ever, the headline refrains were becoming, for me, untenable: Don’t visit your family! Thanksgiving=bad! But I had already made up my mind. I was going. And it seems I wasn’t the […]

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Apocalypse Now! (and Always and Forever)

The End of the Age has Come because in Christ the Ends of the Ages have Met

The “Little Apocalypse” of Advent

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When Hope Turns to Ashes: The Weakness of John the Baptist

“Are You the One Who is to Come, or Should We Expect Someone Else?”

Advent in the Time of Corona

Advent is a pretty weird time. While we’re all listening to jingle bells, putting up lights around the house, and buying gifts for everyone, Advent speaks of a crazy-man prophet and the end of the world. Usually the gloom of hellfire feels out of place with the non-stop Mariah Carey we cannot avoid. But this year, the end of the world doesn’t sound all that crazy. Cause, you know … COVID.

So who’s up for hearing some good news?

Over the next few weeks, Mockingbird is releasing a series of devotional videos from a variety of contributors to brighten the darkness just a bit. Full of all the joy, insight, warmth, and grace we all need right now, they can be found on our Facebook and Instagram accounts!

DZ kicked off the series yesterday with his phenomenal sermon, “Can’t Hardly Wait.”

Making Advent Fun Again, with StoryMakers

Shadow Puppets and Comic Books, Pageants and Pastels!