Compiled by Friends of Mockingbird John and Anne Nolon, Liz and Duo Dickinson, Betsy and Larry Roadman, Paul and Mary Zahl, and The Rev. Nancy W. Hanna:

1) “It’s all good.”
Meaning: It’s not all good, something has gone badly amiss. And I absolutely don’t want to admit it.

good2) “It is what it is.”
Meaning: I can’t stand this particular situation I’m in. Actually, I hate it and don’t want to talk about it.

3) “Yuh think?!”
Meaning: I want you to agree with me, but don’t want you to think I think I’m smarter than you are. Though I do!

4) “Perfect!”
Meaning: This is fine, it’s OK. But maybe it’s not — I’m pretty insecure — so I’d better overstate.

5) “How great is that?!”
Meaning: I don’t wish you to think I think I’m right. Therefore I’ll put my desire that you agree with me in terms of a question. This is similar to (3).

6) “Blah blah blah” (or “Yada yada yada”)
Meaning: I’m too wiped out to even begin to tell you the whole story, so I’ll just breeze over the bad parts.

7) “Just sayin’.”
Meaning: Don’t even THINK I wish to convince you of something. Believe me, all truth is relative — except my own opinions.

8) “Then there’s that!”
Meaning: There is that other fact you just referenced, and it’s most un-welcome, my friend. Believe me, what you just said is plain wrong because it goes against what I was ‘just sayin’.

8) “Does that make sense?”
Meaning: I’m so confused about who I am that I don’t even make sense to myself. (Warning: This is always a rhetorical question. Never answer it.)

9) “I’m all in.”
Meaning: I need to overstate my support for you in order to cover up my real reservations.

10) “No worries” (aka “no problem”)
Meaning: I can handle this, but wish you hadn’t asked. (And I wasn’t even born when Crocodile Dundee came out.)