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PZ’s Podcast: Aaron Jastrow

EPISODE 47 This third talk on characters from Herman Wouk’s 1985 novel War and Remembrance (for part one go here, part two here) concerns the actual hero of the book, Professor Aaron Jastrow. Aaron Jastrow is a humanist secular Jew, who has written a well-known book on Jesus — even FDR’s read it, and likes […]

PZ’s Podcast: The Leslie Effect

EPISODE 46 ‘Leslie Slote’ is the second character to be analyzed from Herman Wouk’s War and Remembrance. He is a redeemed preppie. Leslie Slote is a recent Princeton alumnus who works for the State Department. A refined and intellectual man, he falls for, and loses, Natalie Jastrow, the Ali McGraw/Jane Seymour female hero of the epic novel […]

PZ Podcasts on War and Remembrance, Part One: Duncan Burne-Wilke

EPISODE 45 This is the first of three talks about characters from Herman Wouk’s 1985 novel War and Remembrance. War and Remembrance was also one of the last big network television mini-series (1988). It was produced and directed by Dan Curtis. The first character is Duncan Burne-Wilke. Duncan Burne-Wilke is a titled Englishman, who serves […]