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Love and Logos in the Dying of the Light

Reviewing Sons of Bill’s new record. A couple of years ago, The New Yorker asked “Whatever happened to movies for grownups?” It’s an important question, and one that has only become more pronounced since David Denby posed it, and not just at the multiplex. In fact, nowhere does it apply more than to the carcass […]

The Life and Work of William Faulkner: A Conference Breakout

Join Paul Walker and James Wilson (yes, of Sons of Bill fame) for The Life and Work of William Faulkner.  We discuss Faulkner’s brave, honest, (and perhaps peerless?) exploration of “the human heart in conflict with itself,”–his self-proclaimed raison d’etre for his varied and voluminous literary corpus. And, we attempt to make a compelling case for the deeply flawed (go figure) author’s Christian hope which stealthily seeps up out of the fecund ground of his imaginative, storytelling, Christ-haunted genius. We give special attention The Sound And The Fury, the work we believe to be the masterpiece of American literature.

No lit-crit savvy necessary!  As one professor said, “If you want to learn about other people, read Dostoyevsky. If you want to learn about yourself, read Faulkner.” So, come one, come all!

Here’s the audio recording from the session.


Or, if you prefer, you can download it by right clicking here and selecting “Save link as…”

Another Week Ends: Rich Exhibitionists, Public Potheads, Political (L)aw, Sons of Bill, Gamer Success, and Dissociative Pornography

1. For every voyeur, there’s an exhibitionist – and social media sites are no exception. We try to post the most enviable pictures of ourselves possible on Facebook or, at the very least, the most desirable. And others obsess over other people’s pictures, thinking, “If I could just be in that group of people, doing […]

Another Week Ends: Incarnational Kerouac, Lutheran Austerity, Dream Identities, Rev, Arrested Development, Mormon Sci Fi, Foodie Piety and Daytrotter

1. Newsweek published an excerpt of D.T. Max’s forthcoming Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story: A Life of David Foster Wallace and what an excerpt! It concerns Wallace’s relationship with Mary Karr, and the genus of Infinite Jest. Almost enough to dispel the reservations we voiced earlier this week. It also makes for a […]

The Twilight Looks a Whole Lot Like the Dawn: Sons of Bill’s Sirens

When the last ding-dong of doom has clanged and faded from the last worthless rock hanging tideless in the last red and dying evening, even then there will still be one more sound: that of man’s puny, inexhaustible voice still talking. Those are the words of William Faulkner, taken from his defiant, melancholy Nobel Prize […]

April Playlist

  1. Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You – The Bee Gees
  2. St. Matthew – The Monkees
  3. King Kong Song – Abba
  4. Ride Captain Ride – Blues Image
  5. Brandy – Looking Glass
  6. Lisa, Listen To Me – Blood, Sweat & Tears
  7. Don’t Let Me Be MisunderstoodThe Animals
  8. Please Forgive My Heart – Bobby Womack
  9. Dancing Barefoot – Patti Smith
  10. In the Crossfire – Starsailor
  11. Goodbye Kiss – Kasabian
  12. Change the Sheets – Kathleen Edwards
  13. The Long Road Ahead – Shooter Jennings
  14. The Rose of England – Nick Lowe
  15. C’Mon – Panic at the Disco with Fun.
  16. It’s Only Life – The Shins
  17. Accidentally Like a Martyr – Thomas White
  18. Last Call at the Eschaton – Sons of Bill

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Another Week Ends: Willy Loman Preaches, Complicated Mourning, Extroversion Mandates, Celebrity Marriage Formulas, Dependency Dilemmas, Kontiki, Mad Men and Rowan Williams

1. A little over four weeks until our Spring Conference in NYC (4/19-21), which means that on Monday night 3/19, the “Earlybird rates” will expire ($150/couple or $100/person all-inclusive). You can’t say we didn’t warn you… If you need an extra push, earlier this week the Episcopal News Service published a generous piece about Mockingbird, […]