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The Tombstone of All Great Work: Achievement’s Cost and the Imagination of Misfits

This is–who knew?–Rodney Mullen’s TED talk at University of Southern California, on innovation and imagination, and its connection with belovedness and freedom. As you’ll remember, we recently covered Rodney’s ethereal wisdom in DZ’s Bones Brigade review–a Netflix streamer we couldn’t recommend more highly. Here Mullen talks, among other things, about the Nobel Prize as “the tombstone of all great work” and, conversely, about losing’s connection to creativity, and creativity’s inseparable tie to individuality and belonging (ht PB).

P.S. For more skateboarding-related wisdom, this time of a spiritual variety, Christian Hosoi is no poseur, either.

Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, and the Burden of Half-Pipe Perfection

When I was in fifth grade, a category four hurricane swept the city where we were living. The storm was so strong that everyone had to be evacuated. When we returned home, the destruction was considerable, to say the least. No water for days, no power for a week, no school for a solid fortnight. […]

Rising Son: Christian Hosoi’s Thrashing Story of Redemption

“There are none nearer to God in this life than these haters and blasphemers of him, nor any sons more pleasing to him and beloved by him!” (Martin Luther) Because of my adolescent love of skateboarding, and thanks to Netflix instant streaming, I recently watched Rising Son: Christian Hosoi, the documentary about the rise and […]