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Luther didn’t start the fire: Girolamo Savonarola (1452-1498)

From here: (born Sept. 21, 1452, Ferrara, duchy of Ferrara — died May 23, 1498, Florence) Italian preacher, religious reformer, and martyr. He joined the Dominican order in 1475 and was sent to Florence to lecture at the convent of San Marco, where he became known for his learning and asceticism. His apocalyptic preaching maintained […]

Luther didn’t start the fire: Peter Waldo (1170-1184)

From here: Some men’s personal lives are eclipsed by the movements they start. Peter Waldo was such a man. He appears on the scene of history in 1170 in Lyons as a successful businessman who, touched to his core by a traveling minstrel’s religious ballad, gave away his money to live in poverty as a […]