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Fundamentalists and the Atheists Who Love Them

Before I catch my plane down to sunny FLA, a fantastic blog entry over at the NY Times – catch it while it’s hot (i.e. before they charge you) – from Ross Douthat, discussing Richard Dawkins’ recent defense of Pat Robertson’s sadistic comments about Haiti. The first time I’ve seen the Westminster Confession quoted in […]

Another Week Ends: Phantom Hollywood, Pat Robertson, Conan vs Leno, The Book Of Eli

1. Wrapping up this week’s heavy film talk, I thought I’d post some provocative recent thoughts from controversial New York Press film critic Armond White. If you’re not familiar with White, he’s a bit of an agitator – frequently unfair but never boring and definitely coming from a sympathetic point of view (ht LF): “. […]

Theology of Suffering, Part IV: Sufferers Need Sufferers

“Theologians and philosophers talk about ‘the problem of evil,’ and the hygienic phrase itself bespeaks a certain distance from extreme suffering, the view from a life inside the charmed circle.” – James Wood The above statement is one of my favorites in all of James Wood’s recent New Yorker article on Theodicy (i.e. why a […]