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"Lonnie Loosie" on the Bound Will

An article that appeared in Monday’s New York Times discussed something absolutely fascinating to me. I had no idea of the problems that the New York City cigarette tax has created for so many New York residents. According to the article, an average pack of smokes now costs $12.50 in Midtown Manhattan, a price that […]

Winston Churchill on Appeasement

From Adam Gopnik’s write-up of the latest crop of Churchill literature in one of this past summer’s New Yorkers, a pretty radical departure from the rhetoric Winnie normally gets credit for (ht JD: What is Churchill’s true legacy? Surely not that one should stand foursquare on all occasions and at all moments against something called […]

Repost: Fathers, Sons, and the Reformation, Part I

A little over a year ago, I posted the following series on how the theology of the Reformation addresses the relationship between fathers and sons. Since the material was taken completely from the famous (and truly pivotal and historic) talk Professor Rod Rosenbladt gave in Birmingham, AL in 2003, I thought it would be good […]