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Don’t Miss Out on Master of None

It’s been fun to keep up with Aziz Ansari since his turn as Tom Haverford in Parks and Rec. From stand up specials to pop-sociology books, his star has certainly been on the rise these past few years. Aziz’s latest project, the Netflix comedy Master of None, showcases not just Aziz the actor, but Aziz […]

The Only Left-Handed Catcher (Ever)

A look into the new Netflix documentary on the scrappy, beer-belching, independent pro baseball team, Portland’s Mavericks, and the joke they pulled on Major League Baseball.

On TV: Season Two of House of Cards

I have no spur To prick the sides of my intent, but only Vaulting ambition, which o’erleaps itself And falls on th’other… –Macbeth “For those of us climbing to the top of the food chain, there can be no mercy. There is but one rule: Hunt or be hunted. Welcome back.” This is the end […]

Mining Netflix: The Beautiful Brokenness of What Maisie Knew

This one comes to us from Joe Nooft: I love sad movies: the tear-imposing, hope-impairing films that by their finale have lost all resolve. If I go to a cinema to see what I anticipate will be a gloomy movie, I want to leave that theater, two hours later, in shambles. I want to get […]

A Band Called Death: What Three Brothers From Detroit Can Teach Us about the Ultimate Trip

This comes courtesy of our consummate musician-journalist, Sam Bush. When you think of “punk music” what exactly comes to mind? Skinny white kids in leather jackets?  Iconic album covers like The Ramones or London Calling?  Maybe you don’t have a clue as to what “punk music” is and maybe you don’t care.  I, personally, don’t know a thing […]

And The Law Won (Or Did It?): Netflix’s Orange is the New Black

In prison, nothing comes for free—not food, not shower shoes, not even the past. For Piper Chapman, who goes from West Village yuppie to inmate, learning this comes at a tremendous price. Orange is the New Black is Netflix’s latest TV project and was released all at once in mid July for our binge-watching enjoyment. […]

Another Week Ends: Geistless Zeit, Tony Soprano vs. Walter White, Coach Taylor as Gentleman, Netflix’s PRISM, Marriage Apps, Hemingway, and Christianity as Marketing Label

1. To start off, Henry Allen over at The Wall Street Journal describes a contemporary cultural inertia he’s felt. An ironically self-described ex-“Ziggy Zeitgeist”, he’s now in limbo, the cultural doldrums, ht VH: Now I am disquieted. It’s not that I see things changing for better or worse, for richer or poorer, or even not changing at […]

The Golden Age of Television (Criticism)

The new season of Arrested Development came out last week, and let’s make one thing clear; it is amazing. It’s what it’s always been, while full of new gags and tropes that made me excited to go back and watch again (because I’m sure I missed plenty). While I admit, it is rocky in places—the […]

Hell’s Capital: Watching Season One of House of Cards

Everything was clean, so precise and towering I was welcomed with open arms, I received so much help in every way, I felt no fear…I felt like I belonged –Wilco, “Hell Is Chrome” “You know what I like about people? They stack so well.” If hell is not chrome in House of Cards, it is […]

Another Week Ends: Miracle Baskets, Doubtful Essays, Optimism vs Quitting, Paternalism, Secret Menus, Netflix Puppetry, Bowie and Mats Return, and Hathaway Haters

1. In need of a little (heart)warming on a cold winter’s day? Look no further than the spontaneous act of mercy that occurred on a high school basketball court in Texas last month, ht JD: 2. Phillip Lopate ponders the declining place of Doubt in an essay for The NY Times, evidence perhaps of deeper […]

“Quitster”: What Netflix Has Learned About Simplicity

You may have received a “reversal e-mail” this week from media titans Netflix, just days after launching their newly bifurcated delivery system with the addition of the mail-in-DVD division, Qwikster. To those patrons of Netflix who decried not just the accompanying price hike, but the new inconvenience of (imagine!) two accounts, two passwords, two queues, […]

If You’re Reading This At Work…: Rest, Productivity and Lifehackers

If you need an affirming word (who doesn’t?) to stave off the nagging presence of productivity guilt, if you find a looming self-consciousness with each fork of each road of each infinitesimal decision of each workday (“Should I have e-mailed this first?”), if you wonder why vacations are so longed for and yet always somewhat […]