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Mindful of Hope: O God, Our Help in Ages Past

In My Push to be Present, I Can Lose Sight of the God Who Acts in that Long Arc of Time

For Those Who Wish Their Lives Away: God’s Presence in Our Absentmindedness

“It Goes So Fast. … Oh, Earth, You’re Too Wonderful For Anybody To Realize You.”

Mindfulness Lowered My Anthropolgy

I started practicing meditation out of necessity. Mind you, it was before mindfulness and meditation were the buzzwords they are now. I started sitting in silence and focusing on my breath in seminary after my father was diagnosed with aggressive cancer. It was the only way I could be in the presence of God; the only […]

Mindfulness, Meditation, and Existential Panic: What Did We Think Would Happen?

This one comes to us from our friend Bob Guterma. A few weeks ago, The Guardian UK published an article called, “Is mindfulness making us ill?” From starving artists to high-powered businesspeople, from The New York Times to obscure spirituality weblogs (including Mbird’s own archives), you can find people extolling the virtues of mindfulness throughout Western […]

Another Week Ends: Love and a Meritocracy, Superhuman Humans, Twitter Psalms, Better Call Caravaggio, Trendy Mindfulness, and a DFW Movie

Well, try and stop David Brooks from being on the site twice in one week is what I say. While we’ve all agreed in the office that the cover of his new book isn’t nearly as cool as the one before, his column today is nothing short of a Mockingbird centerfold. It is called “Love […]

The Overwhelm: A Conversation on a Modern Mandate with Brigid Schulte

Our first free-peek into The Work and Play Issue of The Mockingbird is our interview with Brigid Schulte, journalist and author of Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play When No One Has the Time. Ironically enough, it took a good bit of phone tag for this interview on busyness to happen. When we were finally able […]

Mindful of Our Busyness

A pair of (somewhat) related articles came across my desk yesterday that seem especially relevant with the new ‘Work and Play’ issue of The Mockingbird shipping today. The first is the latest dispatch on that cultural flashpoint known as Busyness. In a pithy blogpost for The Huffington Post, Scott Dannemiller contends that “Busyness Is a Sickness”. […]