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“You Meant It for Evil”: The Gift of Unintended Consequences

Thankful for this post by David Clay: In his 1956 essay, “On Being Conservative,” British philosopher Michael Oakeshott speaks not so much of a conservative ideology but rather of a conservative disposition, which is that of preserving what is good about one’s present circumstances in the face of inevitable change. According to Oakeshott, to be […]

Another Week Ends: Deadly Doing, Horton on Incarnation, Epic Fantasy Appeal, Schizophrenic Hope, DFW Syllabi, Nice Guys, George Harrison and Superman

1. Andrew Sullivan of The Daily Dish produced a stirring little meditation earlier this week which brought together two of our favorites, philosopher Michael Oakeshott and social psychologist Daniel Kahneman, under the dynamo Oakeshott-inspired title “The Deadliness of Doing.” He speaks about Oakeshott’s lifelong project of trying to recover was a way of doing things […]

Michael Oakeshott on the Modern Religious Man

From the great philosopher’s early (1929) essay “Religion and the World” expounding on the idea that “Pure religion is to keep unspotted from the world” (James 1:27), ht MS: This, then, is the character of the religious man today, as I conceive him. Unlike the typical medieval saint, he makes no attempt to leave the […]