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The Alan Parsons Project: I, On the Other Hand, Wouldn’t Want to Be Like ME!

Now THIS song has, as they say, a stone groove, man… This awesome Alan Parsons Project song is from their album I, Robot, and is called “I Wouldn’t Want to Be Like You.”  It could well serve as a rallying cry for disaffected youth everywhere, be they Occupy-ers, Alex P. Keaton-ers, or anything in between. […]

The Geschichte of Robin Hood: Story and History

Another installment from our good friend in Berlin, Jonathan Mumme, of “Take a Theologian to Work Day” fame, that is inspired, in good Mockingbird fashion, by the release of the (seemingly) bi-annual remake of Robin Hood. Enjoy! With some British foresight Matthew Parris host of BBC Radio 4’s “Great Lives” invited Clive Strafford Smith to […]

Another Week Ends: Pandoran Pantheism, Tissot’s NT, Stanley Fish, Closeted Christians, Films of The Decade

1. Ross Douthat in the NY Times echoed what many have been saying about the “message” of Avatar. For the record, it doesn’t make me want to see it any less (ht JS): It’s fitting that James Cameron’s “Avatar” arrived in theaters at Christmastime. Like the holiday season itself, the science fiction epic is a […]