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Home Is Where the Hurt Is

Running Away from What I Was Afraid of Becoming Delivered Me into Its Grasp

Dogs, Play, and the Terrifying Open-Endedness of Grace

“The Best Way to Know God is to Love Many Things”

Home But Not Alone

Every year I assign myself the arduous task of watching my favorite Christmas movies. No, really–it’s hard! ABC Family and AMC, between them, have helped simplify things with their impressive array of holiday fare: all that’s left for me is to check the listings and set the DVR. But watching has gotten more complicated as […]

The Twelve Days of Christmas (Movies)

With Christmas only 2 weeks away (wait, what?!), I thought it high time to unveil my own personal top 12 list of Holiday faves. Here goes nothing: 12. Arthur Christmas Just saw this for the first time last week and was hooked in the first five minutes by a powerful Gospel moment. An elf, delivering […]