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Another SITE Ends: Self-Restrained Aggression, Praise vs. Criticism, Cheesus Strikes Again, Galli on Substitution, DFW on Addiction and Self-Help, 3eanuts, Richard Ashcroft

1. A Scientific American podcast/article brings to light an interesting study on the correlation between self-control and aggression, which ties in to JDK’s conference talk about the thin line between threat and promise (recording coming Monday!), ht JD: Past studies have shown that exerting self-control may increase irritability and anger. But the new research found […]

The Gospel According To Pixar: Anton Ego’s Conversion in Ratatouille

Another preview of our new publication The Gospel According To Pixar. The following represents a portion of the addendum to the talk on Ratatouille (2007) entitled “Passion, Purpose and Pest-Control.” Major spoilers ahead. Brad Bird’s Ratatouille is the story a rat named Remy who dreams of being a cook. And he gets that chance via […]

The Gospel According To LOST

If you’re a LOSTaholic like me, you will be familiar with this clip from a recent episode of the show. But whether you’ve seen LOST or not, this scene packs a real emotional punch. (If you don’t know much about the show, here’s some background information so that you’ll be able to get a better […]

Ian McKellen on Acting

In honor of St Patrick, here’s a little comic relief from the British Isles, a clip from Sir Ian’s brilliant guest-spot on Extras:

For some slightly more serious Gervais-related material, read “The Gervais Principle, or The Office According To The Office” (ht JS). Or just go and download our “The Gospel According To The Office” series.

The Gospel According To Pixar: Monsters, Inc.

General Plot: Monsters, Inc. is about two monsters, Sully and Mike, who work for the Monsters, Inc company. Sully and Mike encounter a little girl, “Boo,” who has snuck into the Monster world from the human world via her closet door. Human children are considered a great health risk to monsters and could possibly cause […]

The Gospel According To Pixar: Finding Nemo’s Resurrection

Continuing Mockingbird’s fascination with all things animated (and anything even remotely related to uber-genius Brad Bird), we present The Gospel According to Pixar, volume 3. To read previous entries, see Volume 1: Wall-E, and Volume 2: Toy Story. I’m planning a Sunday evening series for the next few months called “Jesus at the Movies” (stop […]

No Toy Gets Left Behind

Abreaction central! The “children’s movie” bonanza that begins this week with the release of Where The Wild Things Are just got another addition:

As a bonus, here’s Todd’s recent post on The Gospel According To Pixar: Toy Story.

Joe Eszterhas ambushed by God

This morning I saw this PBS Story on screenwriter Joe Eszterhas. A few years ago, he reached the end of his rope and was rescued by God. The way he talks about God’s work is fantastic! Below are a few gems from the interview. “Eszterhas resembles only physically who he once was: Hollywood’s highest-paid screenwriter, […]

Davos, take two.

At the risk of being a serial poster on this issue, I wanted to share the following article about Davos from today’s NYT. I feel that this event, given the current economic conditions, epitomizes the tension between the theologian of glory and the theologian of the cross: Davos is usually about rubbing elbows in tight […]

The Gospel According To The Office

In honor the series we’re doing this summer, which starts tonight (7-9pm at St Georges), here’s a compilation of the public service announcements that the stars of the show made a couple years ago. Some are definitely funnier than others, and a couple are a tad vulgar. Kelly’s are probably my favorite: