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    LOST and the Death of Nuance (*spoiler alert!*)

    LOST is one of those shows that has captured my mind and heart, and so when it ended this past week after a six-year-run, I was sad. But I was also glad. And I was glad because of the ending. I loved the fact that after six years, all was made right. Sinners are penitent […]

    The Theology of Centralia, Pennsylvania

    Centralia, Pennsylvania. Never heard of it? I hadn’t either, until I borrowed a copy of Weird Pennsylvania, a new book which explores the bizarre stuff that happens in our beloved Commonwealth. Recently, Centralia has created quite a buzz. In fact, the recent horror flic, Silent Hill (roughly based on the same-titled video game), was inspired […]

    The Gospel According To LOST

    If you’re a LOSTaholic like me, you will be familiar with this clip from a recent episode of the show. But whether you’ve seen LOST or not, this scene packs a real emotional punch. (If you don’t know much about the show, here’s some background information so that you’ll be able to get a better […]