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Another Week Ends: Technological Addiction, Omnipresent Politics, Advice Columns, Toxic Fandom, and Love Beyond Death

1. A year ago, before a global pandemic altered our lives, discussions about the promise and perils of technology had a theoretical tone to them. Having a social media account was an entertaining frivolity. You could carry a “dumb phone” around and get some street cred for opting out of the system. You might avoid […]

Another Week Ends: Tom Holland, White Fragility, Religious Fandom, J.I. Packer, and Cancel-Culture Fear

1. High Profiles this week featured a fascinating in-depth interview with history writer Tom Holland about his intellectual journey, personal beliefs, Islam, secular liberalism, contemporary news, and Christianity more broadly. I think I am naturally conservative. I think I’m more moved by things that have been than things that might be. I feel the power of what’s […]

Another Week Ends: Reading Adventures, Just Mercy, the Bills Mafia, Rihanna Stans, Marriage Advice, Mystical Experiences, and Roger Scruton

1. We’ll begin this week’s round-up with the story of Keisha Yearby, a second-grade teacher who has taken to Facebook Live to read to her students at bedtime. The Washington Post reports that on Tuesday evenings a new episode airs of “Ms. Yearby’s Reading Adventures,” during which she reads, asks viewers thoughtful questions, and brings […]

The Odds Star Wars 7 Being Loved Are Approximately 3720:1

When the Apostle Paul defended his teachings of the gospel, there were occasions where he needed to flaunt a little bit of street cred- “A Hebrew of Hebrews” he called himself, while toting his education and family heritage. So before I begin writing about Star Wars, allow me to follow the Apostle Paul’s example. Do […]