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For Unto [Every Type] Is Born a Savior

This one comes to us from Clayton Hornback. These days it seems you can throw a rock and hit a self-professed Enneagram guru. For those of you living under a rock, the Enneagram is a personality profile made up of nine different “Types.” Each person’s primary personality falls somewhere from 1 to 9. For the […]

The Laws of Personality in The Road Back to You

I felt a wave of relief when I pulled my copy of Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile’s new book, The Road Back to You from the box. The dust jacket design was restrained and inoffensive. Why relief? The cover of Richard Rohr’s 1990 book, Discovering the Enneagram, the first  popular book on the subject, looked […]

Personality Assessments: Grace in Neuroses

In seminary there were three really important questions you asked your fellow students: What diocese are you from? (New York) Sherry or Port? (Lemon-tini) What is your Myers Briggs? (INFJ) I haven’t figured out if Myers Briggs was a part of the Gnostic gospels or the Apocrypha, but it is a fundamental personality identifier in […]