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Stories Told Behind Auden’s Back

The less you know about a person, the easier it is to venerate them, which is why you generally don’t want your children writing your biography. My favorite parts of biographies are not the quotes from the person being written about, but rather from those who knew them well — or — too well. This […]

PZ’s Podcast: Groovy Kind of Love, Love in the 40s, Kramer, and Mandy

EPISODE 152: Groovy Kind of Love This is about increasing your love, especially when you don’t feel that much of it in relation to “certain people”. It takes off on a comment Gerald Heard made, from his deathbed, to Christopher Isherwood on August 3, 1967. Heard’s love, the further he moved away from “life”, was […]

PZ’s Podcast: Brandy Station, Pillar of Salt, Elevator, Peaches La Verne, Hero of the War

Episode 133: Brandy Station This one is about the creative process, the listening to God, as I would put it; and also about the Peace of God, to bring about the reconciling of opposites in the healing of the world. I was thinking about “Peace Train” by Cat Stevens, which put me in touch with […]

PZ’s Podcast: Love in the First Degree

EPISODE 132 We’ve got to move forward, just got to. “Come on, feet, don’t fail me now.” Even in isolation we’ve got to move forward, tho’ it’s better to move forward with colleagues and friends, and “thinking together” people, like the great Kreisau Circle of 1944 and ’45. Sometimes you can’t help being alone as […]