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Another Week Ends: Upended Progress, Attachment Theory, Lulu Listening, Moral Superiority, Post-Truth, and Bingeing More Than Turkey

1) “Maybe it’s time we tell you,” the Atlantic seems to be saying, just more than a week after the world seemed to turn upside-down, “that we humans haven’t always believed in progress. To the contrary, it’s a rather new idea.” In Joel Mokyr’s essay from yesterday, “Progress Isn’t Natural,” our optimism towards human endeavors […]

Attachment Theory and Your Relationship With God

Another sampler from the Mental Health Issue! Here’s a doozie from psychologist Bonnie Poon Zahl about the meaning of ‘attachment theory’ and its implications for the ways we talk about our faith. Of course, this is only to whet your appetite… I am a psychologist of religion. This means that I use tools from psychological science […]

Don’t String Me Along: Love and Marriage and Attachment Theory

A very interesting and thorough look at the mechanics of love through the lens of Attachment Theory appeared in Psychology Today via the article “In The Name Of Love”. Rather than compatability or attraction, attachment theory puts security and threat at the center of romantic dynamics. We feel loved to the extent that we feel […]