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    Fighting the Law… and Losing

    So, it’s winter and I’m depressed. This happens every year. I hate the cold weather, and this year has been especially cold, by Charleston standards anyway. Many of you in the Northeast are sneering about now. Thinking, “That Southern boy has it great! Complaining about temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s — Where does he […]

    Finnish Disco, Romans 7, and Ryan Adams

    So, what do a 1970’s Finnish disco instruction video and Romans 7 have in common? Answer: Ryan Adam’s Halloweenhead! This music video (as awesomely clever as it is) sort of masks what the great songwriter of our time, Ryan Adams, has to say about the human condition. For those of you unfamiliar with with his […]


    Last week, Aaron likened the Roman Catholic practice of offering indulgences to similar practices in Evangelical circles such as exhorting people to read the Bible more or carve out additional devotional time etc. He went on to talk about how they are simply different approaches to dealing with the “lingering effects of sin”. Aaron also […]