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    Judgment Kills, Love Gives Life

    The final installment in our series of entries from Judgment & Love. Again, J&L is a collection of 35 true-life stories illustrating the powerful truth that when love is shown in the face of deserved judgment, lives are changed. To order your copy at the reduced price of $10, go here or click on the […]

    Debbie Downer

    I’ve been asked why do we, who like the Reformation and support a Law/Gospel paradigm in theology, always focus on ourselves as sinners? Aren’t we like Debbie Downer from Saturday Night Live who litters every fun conversation with sad and depressing news? When people want to talk about living out a life of love for […]

    Ted Kennedy and Living up to Expectations

    Ted Kennedy. The “theology of glory” is at work in the pursuit to idealize the Kennedy family, to make them into the beautiful, successful, American dream for which we all are to strive. This is a pressure the late Senator Ted Kennedy publicly contended with everyday. His faults with women and alcohol were persistent; his […]

    From an Addict’s Perspective

    On this blog, I have read many helpful discussions about the effect of God’s two words, the Law (in short, his holy standard of living from perfect love for him and our neighbor), and the Gospel (our forgiveness and complete cleansing of guilt by Jesus’ death and resurrection on our behalf) upon the human heart. […]

    Integrating Our Past

    The Partnership for a Drug Free America is currently running advertisements in Time Magazine entitled, “How to talk to your kids about drugs if you did drugs.” From the title alone one can sense the fear of being exposed. The advertisement lists ten helpful things that encourage reticent parents to be age-appropriately open with their […]