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    The Christian Side Hug

    What the world needs more of is the “Christian Side Hug.” If you are not sure what that means, click here for an explanation. Or you can watch the video below.
    Thoughts? Comments?

    Where is Thomas Cranmer?

    Season 3 of Showtime’s “The Tudors” ends October 27. The 4th season begins in 2010 in order to end the saga of Henry VIII. One of the characters in the story is Thomas Cranmer, archbishop of Canterbury. He showed up on the scene in season 2 but has not yet arrived in season 3. This […]

    MTV Awards and Grace

    The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards displayed disgrace and grace. Kayne West illustrated “disgrace” and Beyonce embodied “grace.” After Taylor Swift won the award for Best Female Video, Kanye West grabbed the mic from her during her acceptance speech. He humiliated her and made her feel like she didn’t belong there, like she was not […]

    Disgrace and the Cross

    Few experiences can cause someone to feel a sense of disgrace more than being the victim of sexual assault. My wife and I wrote a post for The Resurgence attempting to apply grace and the cross to the horror of sexual assault. You can read the entire post here. Here are some excerpts: Disgrace is […]

    Buddy Christ Takes a Back Seat

    Jesus is the most significant person in history and the number of versions of him is fascinating. Sometimes Jesus is pictured as the enlightened sage who says lofty but generic spirituals things. Or he is your moral teacher who gives us helpful principles to live by and makes us nicer and more successful. And sometimes […]

    Offended by Jesus (and The Man Who Didn’t Have Any Friends)

    I was offended by grace last night. My wife was reading the story of Jesus interacting with Zacchaeus to our 6 month-old daughter, the version from Sally Lloyd Jones’ Jesus Storybook Bible that falls under the heading “The Man Who Didn’t Have Any Friends”. Usually, children’s bibles are filled with simple moralistic truisms, but this […]

    John turns 500 today

    Happy Birthday, John Calvin! In celebration of John Calvin, I wrote a post for The Resurgence on his amazing definition of “faith.” Calvin writes: “Now we shall have a proper definition of faith if we say it is a steady and certain knowledge of the Divine benevolence toward us, which being founded upon the truth […]

    Harvard Business Review on Motivation, Grace and Tossing Pebbles

    An intriguing post appeared in the Harvard Business Review, “Whom To Pay Is More Important Than How Much or How,” that mentions some of the themes explored on this blog. The first attention grabber is the section on motivation: “It is important to understand the basics of motivation. The stronger source of motivation is internal […]

    Name that Syncretism

    Want to play a game? First, let me set it up.   In 2007, an Episcopal priest (the Rev. Ann Holmes Redding) converted to Islam. But it was a different sort of conversion. She (supposedly) didn’t disavow Christianity but simply blended in her Muslim beliefs. People termed her an Episcoslamic Muslipalian.   Last month, the […]

    Jesus is Coming Back, Hide Your Porn

    A new study was published in the Journal of Economic Perspectives showing that the more conservative and religious a state is, the more likely its residents are to purchase porn on-line. Of the 10 states where porn is most consumed, eight of them gave their electoral votes to John McCain. Out of the 10 states […]

    Top Ten Lullaby Renditions: Rockabye Baby

    Since many of the Mockingbird readers are musically savvy and top ten lists are no stranger to this blog, I thought this could be fun. My wife and I just had our first child in early January and she has received some pretty cool gear. I particularly like her “Jesus is My Homeboy” and KISS […]

    Why is this happening to me?

    I’m not sure which part is a better illustration of the human condition, his primal scream or his questions (“Is this real life? I feel funny. Why is this happening to me? Is this going to be forever?”).
    For a bit of context: This kid has an extra tooth removed and he’s coming out of the anesthesia daze.