217400Some of us have believed since we awoke into sentience. Others of us started out with our confidence invested elsewhere and only later were (or have yet to be) won over to the faith. Maybe because I am of the latter group, I think that, in a volleyball game, the johnny-come-latelies would crush the goody two-shoes. In any case, whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, or poetry (“the supreme fiction” – Wallace Stevens), writers write from their vision, their worldview. And when a writer’s worldview undergoes a revolution or conversion, it shows in the writing. This session on the poetry of Mary Karr (honorary captain of the j-c-latelies) will look at her poems with an eye for how her movement toward, into, and beyond conversion is reflected in her poetry. Suggested p/rereading: The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, by Thomas S. Kuhn.

A few seasonally appropriate (and stunning) examples of Mary’s poetry:

“The Grand Miracle”

“Descending Theology: Christ Human”

“Descending Theology: The Garden”

“Descending Theology: The Resurrection”

“Oratorio for the Unbecoming



Here’s the audio from the breakout session

[audio https://mbird.com/resources/?show&file_name=15%20Baby%20You%20Can%20Drive%20My%20Karr_%20Conversion%20and%20the%20Poetry%20of%20Mary%20Karr%201.mp3]

Or you can download it by clicking here.