A great excerpt from the Robert Frost poem, “The Star Splitter” on the necessity of forgiveness for any human relationship. It seems that either we forgive, or we are alone. (via Timothy Stanley’s blog). The full text of the poem can be found here.

But the first thing next morning we reflected
If one by one we counted people out
For the least sin, it wouldn’t take us long
To get so we had no one left to live with.
For to be social is to be forgiving.

Our thief, the one who does our stealing from us,
We don’t cut off from coming to church suppers,
But what we miss we go to him and ask for.
He promptly gives it back, that is if still
Uneaten, unworn out, or undisposed of.

-“The Star-Splitter” Robert Frost, in The Poetry of Robert Frost, p. 177-78