Very, very exciting news this week with the release of the long-awaited new record from High Street Hymns, Hearts and Voices! For those of you unaware of High Street Hymns, they are an absolutley invaluable resource, specializing in the resetting of great old Protestant hymns with a special ear for Grace. Their music is tasteful but never dry, theologically sophisticated yet utterly heart-focused, and, perhaps most importantly, catchy/singable as all get-out. In other words, High Street Hymns is a unique organization, and one that deserves your attention. We were fortunate enough to have Alex Mejias, the man behind the curtain, lead the music at our recent conference, and it was truly profound. One of the songs we sang is actually the lead-off track of Hearts and Voices, a brilliant resetting of the brilliant hymn, “In The Cross of Christ.” I personally consider it to be a slice of exemplary worship music. Best of all, they’ve been kind enough to let us offer it as a free preview/download. Drop it like it’s hot! And if you like it, we seriously encourage you to grab the whole record – it’s well worth it. Then tell everyone you know to do the same:

To download, simply right-click here and select “save file as”. Enjoy!