Perhaps I’ve drunk the Kool-Aid and, at the risk of injecting politics into an otherwise apolitical blog, I must say that, thus far, I have been really impressed by our new president. Let me be clear, this has nothing to do with his policies, but rather with the obvious joy, energy and creativity that he is bringing to his work, including:

Letting his girls take yesterday off from school after allowing them to run around the White House all night, a treat which culminated in a surprise private concert by their favorite band, the Jonas Brothers (AP).

The party he held at the White House for 200 randomly selected supporters, whom he encouraged to “relax and look around.”

The dinner he held in honor of John McCain.

The fact that he is a “struggling” smoker (give the guy a break!).

Perhaps all of this “fruit” is the result of the imputed righteousness that he has been granted by the American public in the form of 80% approval ratings. I can only hope that it lasts.